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Roof Cleaning

Simply cleaning your roof can be the cheapest form of home improvement adding thousands of dollars to the value of the property if you are selling your home, Rapid Jet in Ballarat can help you achieve this.

After cleaning your roof tiles we can apply a clear or colour protective coating to help prevent mould growth & water absorption.

We can repair all broken cement ridge caps and replace rusted valleys & gutters call us for a Quote or text message us free from this webpage

Roof Cleaning Services in Ballarat Victoria

Roofs get dirty. This is due to a number of factors. The obvious ones (factors) are dirt and dust circulating in the air and pollution. Some of the not so obvious factors that contribute to roofs getting dirty are "fallout" from jumbo jets (ask anyone who lives under a flight path how much more often they have to wash their cars), and the most common is mould and lichen growth.

What most often appears to be dirt on a roof is, in fact, largely mould and lichen growth. This is especially the case with tiled roofs. Both concrete tiles, and terracotta tiles are a haven for the growth of unsightly mould. This is because, compared with a metal roof, they have a rougher surface.

Concrete and terracotta tiles have many "pits" and little "craters" on their surface where fungus spores get a foothold, and then grow. This is not to suggest that metal roofs don't attract mould growth. They can. Particularly shaded sections of a metal roof are also likely to be covered with at least some fungus.

The Solution

Depending on the type of roof you have, and its age, it may be okay to have your roof cleaned. This could involve simply a high pressure water blast. In the case where fungus spores have a really strong foothold, you may need a mould killing solution to be applied to the roof beforehand good preperation will have a long lasting job.

Not all roofs should be pressure cleaned, though. Particularly with concrete tiled roofs, if they are older than approximately 15 years, pressure cleaning it could cause more long-term harm than good. This is because concrete tiles, when they are first made, have an oxide slurry coating applied to their surface, and then a protective glaze baked over the top.

This protective glaze breaks down over a period of time (it usually takes between 6 and 10 years), leaving the oxide coat exposed. This oxide coat becomes extremely chalky over time, so pressure cleaning your roof removes much of this coating. This leaves your tiles less protected, and they lose their colour. So you can end up with a roof that looks worse than before it was cleaned!

A solution to this is, after having your roof cleaned, have it sealed and painted as well. This can restore it to looking like new, and ad protection to the surface of the tiles, preventing any absorption of water when it rains. With newer roofs, it's normally quite okay to have them pressure cleaned, and this can greatly improve the appearance of your home.

Roof Painting

Specialising in the Painting/Resealing of any iron or cement tile roof, including asbestos, using the latest hi-tech paints and backed up with a written guarantee.

Roof Restoration & Pressure Cleaning, we'd be more than happy to provide you with a free quotation on having your roof cleaned and/or sealed and painted, without any obligation whatsoever. Simply call, and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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