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Graffiti Removal

Do have a graffiti issue Rapid Jet can quickly remove any indecent graffiti fast in Ballarat Victoria without damaging the walls, our state of the art graffiti removal machinery acts with steam to reduce high pressure water on surfaces that sometimes can be damaging, our graffiti removal services in Ballarat extends beyond the region.

If you need graffiti removed and are after a quote, take some photos and send them to my mobile phone I can sometimes gauge cost from the shots.

Graffiti Removal And Anti Graffiti Coatings

RapidJet not only removes ALL graffiti from all types of surfaces bricks, concrete, painted render, metal fences, signs, glass, plastic, we also apply ANTI-GRAFFITI coatings, ensuring easy removal with minimal effort. Not to mention de-painting entire buildings back to their former glory.

Paint Removal Ballarat specialises in the exterior cleaning of Homes, Units, Shopping Centres, Multi-Storey and High Rise Buildings, in the Greater Ballarat Areas.

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